About The Author

Joyce Poag, a doctor by profession who does general practice in medicine, is also a certified minister.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Poag attended St. Louis University and later graduated in medical studies from the University of Missouri Columbia School of Medicine. She interned in Internal Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and proceeded on to work in various areas of medicine as a general practitioner. Currently residing in the Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia, Joyce Poag desires to enlighten others around her, empowering them to acquire salvation by receiving His grace through faith.

She has younger siblings with whom she shares a healthy bond. Her maternal grandfather, a Baptist Minister, served as her mentor, instilling a great thirst for spiritual knowledge in her soul. While Poag’s paternal grandfather, high school principal, and educator in Springfield, Missouri, enabled her to formulate and accomplish her educational goals and pursuits.

Dr. Poag believes that these two institutions in the shape of her paternal and maternal grandfathers empowered her to explore the educational world, always from a Christian perspective.

Poag’s philosophy of life is to live each day in submission to the Holy Spirit and fulfill a God-given purpose for this life. Thus, she strives to help others become more spirit-filled, all while serving humanity in medicine in the hope of bettering the lives of others. Blending her passion for writing with her love for faith, Joyce Poag is on a mission to help others achieve spiritual awakening – an awareness of being enthused by the Holy Spirit.

With her book, Poag wishes to enlighten humans that we are born here on earth to accomplish the impossible, which we can only do by living through Jesus Christ. We are not just here for ourselves but also to be a source of joy for others around us.

“In the instance, we rest in the Holy peace, we not only attain contentment; we glorify God by exhibiting Christ in a manner that may even inspire others around us to ask about our source of hope and strength. For each mortal being on this planet, God has plans, and he accomplishes them. However, each of us have to play our part of working hard and well; all while seeking His desire at the core.


After all, when the Holy Spirit guides you, you learn to face the calamities of life. You master the skill to talk yourself off the ledge. Through the spiritual awakening, you begin to accept the occurrence of life through the lens of sovereignty and rise above the tides. You start to manifest a calmness that is evident to others. The peace of God makes you realize that anxiety comes with life. Yet,  one should never let it take control of your life,” says Joyce Poag.

Blessings in Christ!